Thoughts and random shit by Ben @YEVVO.


If vision is eternal, a “statement” is the best way to articulate a vision given the circumstances. A statement doesn’t bend to trends, but rather it creates them. Fueled by passion, it has to convey the right idea at the right time.

In that respect, my approach to the video space, or my “statement”, relies in the fact there are stories that we will never hear, places we will never touch, and experiences we will never feel. I envision a connected world where everyone instantly interacts and influences each other in real time and with as many senses as possible. In my world, we are all an extended neurological membrane, just like fungi. We can instantly take part, be present, together in each other. That’s my vision and we can only argue on the best way to make it happen.

An asynchronous consumption of the moments people share via social networks lacks a fundamental set of feelings that prevents people from truly taking part in a moment. Feelings like drama, anticipation, uncertainty will never migrate to the asynchronous user generated content.

There is a missing link for true communication when we interact only after the fact, leaving us, the audience, just to cheer and “like.”

It’s simply less candid when we consume after a moment has been given to us edited, filtered, and cropped. Why can’t we influence it? Can we change reality as it happens? In the future of TV shows we will subscribe to are real people in real time, and the audience should be the director.

Then we created YEVVO, with a mission to get people to feel as much as possible that they are taking part in other’s lives in real time. 

Unpredictable. Raw. No re-runs. Just like life.